Ana Cruz: A Creative Force Behind Custom Longboard Bags for the 2023 Hamburg Longboard Open

The Hamburg Longboard Open, a well-known event in the world of longboard dancing and freestyle, is known for bringing together enthusiasts and professionals from around the globe. This year, the event got on an even more colourful and customised look, thanks to the collaboration between Okozo Longboard Backpacks and Ana Cruz, a talented artist from Berlin. Okozo commissioned Ana to create three specially designed custom bags for the competition, each with its own unique theme. This blog delves into her journey of creativity and artistry.

The Three Specially Designed Bags

Ana Cruz’s journey with the Hamburg Longboard Open began with a blank canvas – quite literally. She was tasked with creating three unique designs for our DBB S1 model that would be awarded to the winners in different categories of the event. Ana’s creative genius was put to the test as she worked on bringing to life three themes that captured the spirit of both Hamburg as a city, as well as the event.

  1. **Hamburg City Scape** The first design, “CityScape,” captured the essence of the Hamburg cityscape and the landmarks of the city. It featured a striking round-style backdrop, complemented by recognizable Hamburg landmarks such as the TV tower, the harbour with its ships and of course, longboarders from the city. It perfectly encapsulated the tenacity and energy of longboarders as they navigate through the Hamburg city streets.
  1. **Tattoo Serenity:** The second bag, “Tattoo Serenity,” celebrated the typical style of tattoo art and longboarding, giving the design a striking Hamburg vibe. Ana’s design included a King and Queen style, like on playing cards, inspired by Hamburg. It was a visual representation of the intimate relation between Hamburg as a city with its water and ports, creating a design that will instil pride and a sense of local connection to the city.
  1. **Laidback Cruising:** The final bag, “Laidback Cruising,” embodied the relaxed vibe one feels when riding. The design featured a dynamic figure that sits low on the board, and exudes a bold, happy and fun-loving figure that loves to cruise around on a longboard. 

The Quest for Paint on Marine Plastic

Ana’s journey started with a quest for suitable paint. To bring her creative visions to life, she had to find the perfect paint that would work seamlessly on the (recycled marine plastic) polyester of the bags. After diligent research and experimenting with various paints, she found the right mix of acrylics that adhered well to the canvas, ensuring durability and vibrancy.

Creating Under (Some) Time Pressure

The Hamburg Longboard Open is a one-day event and so painting the bags on-site meant Ana had to finish the job on time. Now, Ana is no stranger to pressure. Her work was not confined to her studio; instead, she took the challenge head-on and painted the bespoke designs during the event itself. With the event in full swing, Ana brought the bags and paints to the venue. Working tirelessly, she transformed the plain bags into works of art that embodied the spirit of Hamburg and longboarding. 

Celebrating the Winners

Winning at the Hamburg Longboard Open was extra special this year: two of the custom longboard backpacks were won by the winners in their respective categories. The “Hamburg City Scape” model went to the winner of the women’s category; Soe took home the amazing design. The “Tattoo Serenity” backpack found a deserving home with the champion of the men’s category, which Thor Galmar from Denmark won. These winners not only went home with their well-earned victories but also with a piece of longboarding art.

As for the “Laidback Cruising” model, it holds a unique place in our hearts. Instead of being awarded to a contest winner, it was chosen to be given away in an online give-away contest, ensuring that one lucky participant would have a piece of the event to cherish forever. Stay tuned to find out who’s won that bag!