Hey everyone!

My name is Jojo and I am the founder of okozo.

I work as a flight attendant and I really travel a lot. So naturally it all started when I wanted to take the longboard on my trips. First I used a simple duffel bag for the board. But that was actually very painful and not very convenient. So I was looking for a real longboard bag. But there was nothing on the market that worked for me so I started to design my own bag.

I sewed the first bags myself. But then after some trials the layers of fabric became more and more and my sewing machine could not handle that anymore. And also the first attempts looked pretty poor. I asked Tim a saddler and he really did a great job to build the first bag.

I used my bag on my trips and of course the longboard bag attracted attention.

My flight-crew-colleagues were especially interested in the bag and encouraged me to go on with this project. And everywhere I went I got in touch with longboarders – Los Angeles, Bogota, Singapore, Beijing… they all loved the idea and so that was the call for me to develop a bag which is available also for other longboarders. 

In the beginning I named this backpack project “Santa Ana Bags” – ‘cause my favourite skate city is Los Angeles and the Crew Hotel was in Costa Mesa/ Santa Ana.

Of course it took quite a while… but step by step I assembled a wonderful team and here we are now – absolutely thrilled and excited to share our idea of okozo and to share our passion for longboarding.

Let’s go and skate!!!