okozo is your ultimate longboard backpack solution.

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okozo is your ultimate longboard backpack solution.

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okozo longboard bags Logo

okozo is your ultimate longboard backpack solution.

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But let´s be honest: Nothing is ultimately ultimate nowadays if you don´t really care about what you are doing!

Ever since Johannes (our founder) first dreamt of okozo longboard bags, being environmentally aware has always been a priority. You see, we don’t just want to sell a great longboard bag.

We want to know that we’re doing everything we can to reduce our impact on the world too. That’s why we work with existing, sustainable materials that are great in a longboard bag. We’ve researched it all: recycled, upcycled, reused production waste, materials from other use-cases…

We researched it all and found our partners SEAQUAL INITIATIVE, based in Spain and Portugal and X-Pac, known from sailing sports which have great quality and durability. Because of that, our bags are super rugged. Whether it’s your brand new griptape, your smelly Vans or the coldest winter, the bag is up to the job.

We source sustainable materials. We use PET bottles from the sea, turned into renewable plastic. Same goes for our protection fabrics, which is upcycled Tarpaulin from industrial production waste. Sounds intimidating, we know.

Just take it from us: we’re doing all we can to re-use and avoid waste as much as possible.

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  • seaqual-fabric-made-out-of-marine-plastic-used-by-okozo.jpg


During our research into fabrics and materials, we discovered the SEAQUAL INITIATIVE. We immediately fell in love because they use marine plastics in their materials. We applied for a license and got selected to partner with them. We’re extremely proud to state that we’re now part of the initiative and are using marine plastics in our products.

SEAQUAL INITIATIVE works with NGOs, fishermen, communities, authorities, industry and brands to help clean our oceans of marine litter.

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X-Pac® is a brand of Dimension-Polyant, a world leader in manufacturing advanced, high-quality sailcloth. We love working with this material and wanted it to be part of our LBB and DBB X-Line. X-Pac® is a high-quality, laminated fabric that’s used in the toughest, most demanding conditions at sea. In addition to being strong and sturdy, it also looks great.

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  • x-pac-fabric-use-for-okozo DBB-X1-black,jpg
  • fabric-dimension-polyant-used-for-okozo-LBB-X1-black.jpg
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  • okozo-longbord-backpacks-uses-fidlock-magnetic-snap buckles.jpg
  • magnetic-fastener-from-fidlock-for-easy-access-okozo.


For our LBB and DBB X-Line we use Fidlock fasteners to minimize the bag to a daypack. These extraordinary magnetic fasteners are one of a kind and we know you’ll love them too.

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