At okozo we care.

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At okozo we care.

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At okozo we care.

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production of okozo backpacks

Producing and packaging your okozo backpack in the most sustainable and respectful way is all what we care about. And about you – of course!

We craft our bags in Portugal, Europe, made from materials we source in Europe, too. That way, we avoid all those nasty sea containers. Additionally, we only work with European manufacturers using European fabrics.

We build relationships with our suppliers, creating a community around our product that involves everyone, from our suppliers and builders to you as a customer. Lastly, we ensure an excellent repair service, should something happen to your okozo bag. We’re not fast fashion, after all.

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packaging of okozo backpacks

Our bags ship in RePack, a reusable packaging material we absolutely love.

By using RePack, we further minimise our impact on the environment, because RePack is packaging 2.0. No more wasteful cardboard boxes to ship your product in, but reusable packaging. We ship your okozo bag, and you send us the packing back, free of charge. Smart, isn’t it? RePack bags are designed to be reused. They are easy to open, fill, fold and return to reuse. Again and again. We would love to say that you can reuse a RePack forever but that might be an exaggeration. Just like a good suitcase, a RePack bag will last years and handle dozens of trips all over the world.

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Gentle on the planet. Tough on waste.